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Wholesale Funding

ANOVACore is a wholesale funding solution for banks that is an alternative to gathering brokered deposits or relying on the Federal Home Loan Bank as a lending source to meet loan demands.

  • Funds are offered on a fixed monthly interest rate without broker or other fees of any sort.
  • There is no collateralization or compensating balance requirements.
  • Funds are completely liquid.

In today's highly competitive environment Banks and Thrifts compete daily for traditional deposits to expand their loan activities while enhancing net interest margins. With ANOVA's alternative AnovaCore funding solution, FDIC-insured institutions have immediate access to a steady source of wholesale funds without typical collateral requirements or credit limits. ANOVA provides these institutions a leading edge treasury service designed to grow as these banks grow.

ANOVA Banking Network (ABN)

Community banks can join the ABN to access ANOVA as a source of funds. Membership in the network is designed to encourage member banks to make ANOVA core to their business. ANOVA does not impose any FHLB type restrictions. Community banks simply request funds from ANOVA based on their needs on a monthly basis. Register for information on Bank Rates.

Features and Benefits
  • Source of Funds — A steady and stable source of funds with which to augment other deposits.
  • Fixed Rate — A competitive no bid fixed monthly rate of interest.
  • Profitability — Enhanced profitability recognized through increased Net Interest Margins.
  • No Fees — Funds available at net transaction - there are no broker or other fees.
  • Ease of Use — A streamlined process for deposit gathering and excess cash management.
  • Flexibility — Ability to expand lending activities.
  • No Collateral — No compensating balance requirements or collateralization of current portfolio.
  • ALCO friendly — Favorable Interest Rate Risk modeling for Asset Liability Committee (ALCO).
  • Reporting — Transaction efficiency through a master account.

At ANOVA, we're revolutionizing banking - to everyone's advantage.
Get the edge in this competitive investment environment - solid performance with Liquidity, Security, and High Yield. To make ANOVA p art of your portfolio, click here or call 888.266.8293 (1-888-ANOVA-YES) to speak with an ANOVA representative.


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