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Alternative Treasury Services

ANOVA offers a means to provide bankers a Treasury Service that is entirely FDIC insured for funds in excess of $250,000 and earns a higher interest rate than that of fed funds.

  • Security — Deposits are FDIC insured - backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.
  • Risk — No market risk — par value (dollar in/dollar out) — nobody has ever lost a $1 of FDIC insured deposits.
  • Return — Depositors receive a fixed rate of return; interest rate is set each month.
  • Interest — Interest is accrued daily and payable monthly.
  • Liquidity — Depositor funds are available when needed with no early withdrawal penalties.
  • Yields — Compelling when compared to other short term investment opportunities.
  • Ease of Use — Simplicity and security through standard internet technology.

ANOVA employs a network of member banks that allows us to divide deposits into insured amounts that your bank CFO can monitor and move money in real time as needed.

ANOVA's Treasury Services bridges the gap between banks with excess liquidity and FDIC Insured banks that are seeking wholesale funding. ANOVA's solution, similar to a fed funds program, uses the unique ANOVA business process to make efficient use of your cash resources. ANOVA's Treasury Services program gives a new level of control for your bank's needs by providing a depository FDIC Insured product.

Benefits of Depository Services include:

  • Structured as a deposit rather than a loan
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • Complete liquidity
  • Yields are favorable to alternative investments
  • Favorable minimum deposits
  • Streamlines cash management processing
  • Automated reporting tools

At ANOVA, we're revolutionizing banking - to everyone's advantage.
Get the edge in this competitive investment environment - solid performance with Liquidity, Security, and High Yield. To make ANOVA part of your portfolio, click here or call 888.266.8293 (1-888-ANOVA-YES) to speak with an ANOVA representative.


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