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ANOVA® provides a suite of Liquid banking services that support your Contingency Funding Plan needs by:

  • Diversifying your funding sources
  • Reducing your Cost of Funds
  • Increasing your profitability through our alternative Treasury Service
  • Increases your liquidity by reducing pledged collateral

In this current climate of increased regulatory oversight, ANOVA provides a cost-effective alternative that is fully FDIC Insured, liquid, has no set-up costs of any kind, and is very easy to use. ANOVA now offers the following services:

Wholesale Funding:
  • Lower Cost of Funding
  • Stable Deposits –Average 17 month retention
  • Short-term rates/Long-term deposits
  • No collateral or credit limits
Treasury Services:
  • FDIC Insured
  • High yield
  • Liquid
Reciprocal Exchange Deposit Program SM:
  • Retain Depositor Relationship
  • Earn a Commission
  • $1 for $1 Exchange of Deposits
  • No bond, broker or transaction fees of any kind
“Citizens State Bank has been using ANOVA’s Treasury Services since May of this year. The ANOVA product is easy to use and ANOVA’s rate is three times better than our correspondent banks. So, we are able to maintain our liquidity while receiving a better return than we would from our correspondent banks and our funds are fully FDIC insured.”

- Leslie D Schoppe, Citizens State Bank, Somerville, TX.

“Woodhaven National Bank uses ANOVA’s Treasury Services to invest excess funds for the bank. It is very easy to get set up and use their network plus it is simple to input the information each time we go in to invest more funds. We love their accounting system!”

- Pat Wager, Woodhaven National Bank, Ft. Worth, TX.

At ANOVA, we're revolutionizing banking - to everyone's advantage.
Get the edge in this competitive investment environment - solid performance with Liquidity, Security, and High Yield. To make ANOVA part of your portfolio, click here or call 888.266.8293 (1-888-ANOVA-YES) to speak with an ANOVA representative.


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